company history

Prep2Match was built from the exhausting and downright confusing matching process. The matching process can seem overwhelming, frustrating and confusing. We build Prep2Match in an effort to help students just like you match at their first choice.

  • 2013

    my matching process

    My matching process led me to identify a system to achieving my first and ideal matching choice.

  • 2014

    first choice match

    I was able to achieve my first match choice and streamlined my process to allow me to match at a top notch location.

  • 2015

    helping others

    After matching I provided my system to other students in an attempt to help them to match at their ideal location. After many successful matches I've refined my system and have helped many others do the same.

  • 2016

    launching prep2match

    We've now launched prep2match in a way to help students like you identify the step by step systems and strategies to remove the confusion and allow them to gain the ability to stand out from the competition.

how can we help you?

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I successfully matched to my 3rd choice site but this didn’t come without a ton of stress not only on myself, but also on my significant other. After looking at these materials, I wish I would have had them last year. I know this may have even meant matching to a site higher on my list. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this vital structure and support from the get go… you won’t regret it,

Amanda Seyfried
Psychology Student

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