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I successfully matched to my 3rd choice site but this didn’t come without a ton of stress not only on myself, but also on my significant other. After looking at these materials, I wish I would have had them last year. I know this may have even meant matching to a site higher on my list. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this vital structure and support from the get go… you won’t regret it,

Amanda Seyfried
Psychology Student

After a long application process, I did not match last year. After taking time to reflect I know I needed more strategies and help at various points throughout the way, specifically with my essays and interviewing. Not matching feels horrible and you wish you would have done more to avoid this situation. Don’t let this be you. Enlist all the resources and support you can! I will be applying again with this program and I know it will assist me in generating a stronger application. This program gives me hope that with a few changes in my approach, I can match.

Mark Soger

I am about to embark on the application process for the first and hopefully last time. I feel stressed and overwhelmed but confident that Prep2Match will help me overcome each hurdle in this arduous process. I am excited for this next part of my career and a bit more at ease after reviewing the Prep2Match materials. Best of luck to all applying and thanks Prep2Match!

Donald Simpson

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